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General TreatmentsPrice (£)
Dental Consultation£74.00
New Patient Examination£74.00
Routine Patient Examination / Check Up£68.00
Child Examination / Check Up£53.00
Emergency Appointment£120.00
Digital X-ray£19.00
OPG X-ray (Panoramic)£58.00
Tooth Extraction£173.00
Surgical ExtractionFrom £237.00
Mouth Guard£137.00
Night Guard (Vinyl)£198.00
Night Guard (Acrylic)£448.00
Snore Appliance£437.50
FillingsPrice (£)
White Composite (Tooth Coloured)From £113.00
Fissure Sealant (Per tooth)£37.00
Hygiene ServicesPrice (£)
Hygienist Scale & Polish Child (20 minutes)£61.00
Hygienist Scale & Polish Adult (30 minutes)£86.00
Hygienist Scale & Polish Adult (1 hour)£176.00
Dentist Scale & Polish (30 minutes)£106.00
Direct Access (Scale & Polish)£120.00
Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)£251.00
CosmeticsPrice (£)
Initial ConsultationFree
Diagnostic Consultation£185.00
Porcelain Veneers (Per Tooth)£715.00
Composite Veneers (Per Tooth)£357.50
Inlay/Onlay (Porcelain)From £480.00
Teeth Whitening (Home Kit)£380.00
Teeth Whitening (In Surgery, Including Home Kit)£780.00
Whitening Gel (Per Tube)£28.25
Gum ReshapingFrom £150.00
Cosmetic Tooth ContouringFrom £150.00
OrthodonticsPrice (£)
Initial ConsultationFree
Diagnostic Consultation£185.00
Removable ApplianceFrom £800.00
Fixed Brackets (Single Arch)From £2783.00
Fixed Brackets (Dual Arch)From £4175.00
Invisalign (Single Arch)£3135.00
Invisalign (Dual Arch)£4840.00
Fixed Retainer£154.00
Removable Retainer£137.00
Repair Retainer£113.00
DenturesPrice (£)
Partial Acrylic Denture 1-3From £422.00
Partial Acrylic Denture 4-7From £894.00
Chrome Cobalt DentureFrom £600.00
Flexi DentureFrom £500.00
Full Denture (Single Arch)£1214.00
Dentures (Dual Arch)£2,428.00
BridgesPrice (£)
Bridge (Per Unit)From £715.00
Maryland BridgeFrom £715.00
Re-cement Bridge£119.00
CrownsPrice (£)
Porcelain Crown (Per Tooth)£715.00
Gold Crown (Per Tooth) £800.00
Re-cement Crown£87.00
Root Canal TreatmentPrice (£)
Root Canal TreatmentFrom £330.24
Removal of old root filling£212.00
Emergency Root Treatment£113.00
ImplantsPrice (£)
Initial ConsultationFree
Implants (Per Unit)From £1800.00
Bone graft£758.00

Dental Plans

The Dental Group also offer three dental maintenance plans to keep your mouth healthy.

Full details and prices.